Just Giving

Soldier, land agent, farmer, businessman, writer and photographer, John Gaye has had a full and varied life but nearly always accompanied by dogs.

His first dog, a Spaniel called Seamus, was rehomed by his parents from the NCDL (now the Dogs Trust) in 1966. Seamus had been delivered to the rehoming centre by his owner, an Irishman, who told the staff that he was going away for a couple of weeks and asked them to look after him. A month later, with Seamus still in the kennels, it was revealed that his owner was now a guest of Her Majesty and would not be reappearing for some years.

Since then John has been both master and servant to Ben (Springer Spaniel), Dukey (Collie/Lurcher), Bella (Black Lab), Bracken (Italian Spinone), Tax and Rebate (Yellow Lab siblings); all rehomed dogs and all of them very much part of his life.

His home is in Dorset where he is surrounded by fields and wonderful walks in some of England's finest countryside. Therefore John is only too aware just how much dogs can contribute to the well being of humans; whether they be family pets, working farm dogs, guide dogs, companions to the homeless, support dogs to the disabled or trained to support policemen, soldiers or rescuers in so many different ways. The bonds that are created between the dogs and their human partners lead to enrichment of the lives of both and to watch any well trained dog going about its business is a huge pleasure, unless of course you happen to be breaking the law.

When John heard about The Hero's Tail project, supporting the welfare of dogs that give so much to ensure that humans enjoy more secure and safer lives, he was keen to be part of it. When he heard the many stories - some hilarious, others very touching - that surrounded the lives of these brave and loyal servants of the public he knew that other people would really enjoy sharing them with him.